One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville


在斯德维尔, our mission is clear: We want every 学生 to be equipped to love God, 爱别人, 正直地生活, and pursue excellence in everything they do.

Experience Vibrant Community


Whether it’s late-night conversations in the residence hall, a service project with your campus organization, or an evening sharing the Gospel at a nearby college — your Cedarville experience will be filled with new friendships, 有趣的活动, 还有难以置信的回忆. 在斯德维尔, every event and every program is intentionally designed to build a strong community and point you to Christ. Your time at Cedarville will not just be fun; it will be truly life-transforming.


Whether residential or online, we want you to be a part of a vibrant Christian community seeking to grow in their relationship with Christ. 如果你在校园里, take advantage of all that Cedarville has to offer — recreation activities, 学生 机构、部委等等. We want you to feel right at home at Cedarville University.


Our Student Blog: Life at Cedarville

  • How to Connect With Professors

    A few weeks before I arrived at Cedarville University, my academic advisor sent an informative email to me and her other new advisees — freshmen who had no idea what a four-year plan was or how to scan Cedarville’s academic catalog to begin planning their degrees. At the time, I was receiving a constant influx... 观点的文章

  • How to Not Be an 11:59 Student

    这是周五晚上. You were about to make a Young’s run when your classmate sends you the text: Just finished my paper! 纸? Frantically, you check the Canvas calendar. 果然,11点59分到期.m. is the term paper that completely slipped your mind. 你查看时钟. 6:08 p.m. 你还不到六岁... 观点的文章

  • 全球推广 in 南非

    It was on the plane from Newark, 新泽西, 到约翰内斯堡, 南非, that I realized what I was doing. I was travelling 8,500 miles from my family in Southwest Ohio to the country of 南非. I’d never been outside of North America and certainly not without my parents. 这太疯狂了,但是我... 观点的文章


在斯德维尔, we believe that our mission to transform lives through excellent education and intentional discipleship is best accomplished in a vibrant, residential Christian community.

  • 1月 26


    Mark your calendar now and plan to attend the Worship 424 Conference at Cedarville University on 1月uary 26-27, 2024. Co-sponsored by the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio and the Cedarville University Department of Music and Worship, this conference is designed to equip and encorage worship leaders, 音乐家, 乐队, 赞美团队, 唱诗班, 科技工作人员, and 学生s to be effective leaders.



Students actors in "Music Man," performed in Cedarville's DeVries Theatre




Women's Basketball Team Playing in Callan Athletic Center


Group of 学生s on a mission trip

Activities and Campus Traditions

Cedarville's iconic rock is frequently painted by the 学生s





Designated commuter parking lot


Keys being passed out on getting started weekend


Students walk down a sidewalk in the fall


了解我们的校园, 听取学生意见, and see how Cedarville intentionally builds genuine community into everything we do.

My 1,000 Days: Megan Albright

Megan Albright '23 shares how Cedarville's nursing program prepared her with the knowledge, 技能, and biblical focus to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of her patients.

My 1,000 Days: Kora Ostrowski

Recent graduate Kora Ostrowski shares what made her Cedarville experience so special and how her communication degree has prepared her for wherever God leads her next.


Molecular biology major Angela Aad '23 shares what has made her 1,000 days at Cedarville so special.


Kaylee Probst '22 shares how her 1,000 days at Cedarville University helped her grow in her faith and prepare for her future.

1,000 Days at Cedarville University

我们的主席,博士. Thomas White, shares his passion for transforming 学生s' lives during their 1,000 days on campus.


Students share their first impressions of their Cedarville experience during Getting Started Weekend.


Follow a 学生 to get a glimpse of a typical day at Cedarville University.

Experience the Involvement Fair

With more than 100 different organizations and ministries, there are so many different ways to get involved at Cedarville, and you'll find them all at the Involvement Fair.

Cedarville University 体育运动

Whether intercollegiate or intramural, Cedarville offers opportunities for athletic involvement and healthy competition.


享受互动, informative campus experience that will make you think you’re standing right on our beautiful campus.